Programme Overview

The programme has been designed for ICT Officers to understand the operation of the DTS & CCTV System installed at the Child – Friendly Gender Based Violence Courts. It intended to equip participants with the requisite knowledge on how to troubleshoot and adequately implement both preventive and routine maintenance. The programme will also build the capacity of participants to ensure the long-term use and sustainability of the DTS & CCTV System installed in the CF-GBV Courts. TRAINING OBJECTIVES Upon a successful completion, participants will: 1. Understand the idea behind the installation of the DTS & CCTV Systems in the CF-GBV Courts. 2. Appreciate the various components of the DTS & CCTV System. 3. Troubleshoot the system installed. 4. Conduct routine maintenance on the DTS & CCTV system. 5. Implement minimum repairs and provide general support on the use of the system to Judges and Courtroom Staff.

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