Judicial Training Institute

Key Stakeholders

Stakeholders include traditional clients: the judges, magistrates and judicial staff; and new clients. They can also be grouped into trainable and non-trainable stakeholders.

 Non-trainable stakeholders

   1.    Donor community
   2.    The Executive
   3.    Prisoners
   4.    Litigants
   5.    Diplomatic missions
   6.    General public

Trainable stakeholders  

    1.     Paralegal staff
    2.     CHRAJ
    3.     Civil society organisations
    4.     National Media Commission
    5.     Lands Commission
    6.     Judicial Service staff
    7.     National Commission on Civic Education
    8.     National Labour Commission
    9.     Private bailiffs
  10.    The Ghana Armed Forces
  11.    Ghana Bar Association
  12.    Assessors
  13.    Juvenile court panel members
  14.    Family Tribunal panel members
  15.    Regional Tribunal panel members
  16.    Social Welfare Department officers
  17.    The Legislature
  18.    The Ghana Police (especially Prosecution Division)
  19.    Prisons Service
  20.    The Media
  21.    Mediators/Arbitrators
  22.    Rent Control officers
  23.    Judicial Committee of the Traditional Councils of the Houses of Chiefs
  24.    Judicial Committee of the National House of Chiefs
  25.    Judicial Committee of the Regional Houses of Chiefs
  26.    Electoral Commission

Where necessary, fees shall be levied to organize training for the new and trainable clients to provide a source of funding for the Institute.